5th Key of the ’10 Keys to a Profitable Business’

‘The infrastructure, business workflow, policies, processes and technologies used to run the business’.

Successful Outcome:

Every team member understands exactly what role they play in helping the business continually and repeatedly ‘run’ smoothly. All team members have the required resources to enable them to work efficiently and effectively while consistently achieving the desired outcomes.

How we can help you within this Key:

Below is an ever-evolving list of suggested Strategies, Tactics and Tools within the key of Systems.

Our aim is to assist you with any of these in one or more of the following ways:

  • Create for you
  • Assist you in creating
  • Critique for you
  • Educate you in
  • Suggest Affiliate Network specialists who may be able to assist

    Suggested Strategies, Tactics and Tools with the Key of Systems:

    • Theory of Constraints  
    • Position Descriptions  
    • Capacity Estimations 
    • Company Policies 
    • Process Procedures
    • ‘Customary Business Practices’ 
    • ‘Strategic Management Process’  
    • Reporting
    • Monthly Tactical Meeting Structure, Agenda & Framework 
    • Supporting Documents 
    • KAISEN ‘Constant Never-Ending Improvement’ 
    • Increasing Productivity
    • Organisational Chart 
    • Business Assembly Line’ Workflow 
    • Core Capabilities   
    • Functional Processes 
    • Supporting Tools, Technology & Resources 
    • Annual Strategic Meeting Structure, Agenda & Framework 
    • Reporting Templates 
    • Quarterly Strategic Meeting Structure, Agenda & Framework 
    • Flowchart or ‘Assembly Line’ Workflows 
    • Targets vs Actuals 
    • Eliminating Waste 
    • Embracing Current & New Systems