2nd Key of the ’10 Keys to a Profitable Business’

‘A clear, achievable and profitable destination under-pinned by a set of tactics to arrive’.

Successful Outcome:

Clarity on which market(s) you will be active in, how you will win (why potential customers will buy), having the core capabilities and systems to deliver your strategy and the entire team understanding the company goals, aspirations, destination, and purpose. Business owners personal strategic & financial goals and plans are clear.

How we can help you within this Key:

Below is an ever-evolving list of suggested Strategies, Tactics and Tools within the key of Capital.

Our aim is to assist you with any of these in one or more of the following ways:

  • Create for you
  • Assist you in creating
  • Critique for you
  • Educate you in
  • Suggest Affiliate Network specialists who may be able to assist

Suggested Strategies, Tactics and Tools with the Key of Strategy:

  • Your Company Cause or Purpose, Why you’re in Business
  • Business Financial Goals as part of your Strategy
  • Annual Planning
  • 3 to 5 years forward planning
  • Capital and Cashflow Components
  • Clarity on Service(s)
  • UMSP’s (Unique Meaningful Selling Points)
  • Company Identity & Branding
  • Team Structure & Framework
  • Eliminating Un-Needed Industry ‘Norms’
  • Adding New Industry Components/Offerings
  • Target Market(s) Clarity
  • Intellectual Property
  • Your Strategic Business Plan & Model
  • Personal Financial Goals as part of your Strategy
  • Quarterly Planning
  • Break-Even and Capacity Estimations
  • Clarity on Product(s)
  • Clarity on Price Points and Position
  • Legal Components
  • Company Culture & Values
  • Re-Invention & Iteration
  • Reducing Over-Utilised/Over-Valued Industry Factors
  • Increasing Under Utilised/Under-Valued Industry Offering
  • Assessing Current and Potential New Marketspace
  • Copyright & Trademarks