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Keep your business growing and profitable, year in and year out, with our wide range of customisable Coaching Memberships. Add your burning desire and entrepreneurial spirit to our business framework & methodology to create a powerful habit structure of profitable growth and improvement

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You can customise any of our Coaching Memberships to create a tailor-made solution that suits both your business budget and needs.

Team Training

When the team works, the dream works! We offer Team Training Workshops in multiple topics from within our ’10 Keys to a Profitable Business’.

Business Software

Our business software is included in each of our Coaching Memberships and as a SaaS option once you’ve completed your Coaching Membership.

Our Purpose

‘To help SME business owners and their teams create Quality Lifestyles through Business Success.’

Our Strategy

To provide you and your team with the widest range of high value coaching programs, products, and services, in both choice and price, that will enable you to grow and improve your business and profits to whatever level you desire, at any speed you wish.

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Profit Book

Would You Like Profits With That?

Discover why most small to medium-sized businesses don’t work… HOW TO STOP JUST SURVIVING AND START THRIVING!

This book will take you step-by-step through Eric’s proprietary methodology, 10 Keys to a Profitable Business, which underpins and forms the principles, strategies and systems he uses to guide businesses to amazing growth and improvement. Packed with entrepreneurial lessons and insights, this book is a must-read for evey business owner serious about taking their business to the next level.

Eric J. Gregory


Eric is the Principal Business Coach of Gregory Business Coaching, a Certified Advisory Board Chair, Business Author and Guest Speaker who specialises in working with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Leaders to grow and improve their businesses and create sustainable and meaningful change through his proprietary methodology ’10 Keys to a Profitable Business’™.

Over the past 18 years, Eric has worked with a wide range of businesses in both size and by industry through One on One Coaching, Chairing Advisory Boards, Team Training and Guest Speaking.

Eric Gregory Business Coach Certified Chair
Eric Gregory - Author and Principal Coach

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Why are we in business

What drives us

Why are we in business?

We are passionate about and believe in real capitalism, free markets, and the concept of starting and running successful businesses that benefit the owner(s), shareholders, and team members (particularly helping SME’s; Small and Medium Sized businesses).

One of the main things that drives us is our desire to help as many Small Companies (turning over less than $10 Million) to grow to become Mid-Market Companies in the range of $10 Million to $200 Million and to help as many of the existing lower range Mid-Market companies to increase their growth and improvement year upon year.

Your Business Growth + The Success of Your Employees = Our Passion

Proprietary Methodology

Our methodology underpins every coaching program, product and service we use when working with you as a client

10 Keys To A Profitable Business

This is the first stage of your coaching where you’ll build your business foundation and business model for future growth to ensure it is scalable.

Re-investing For Growth

In the second stage of coaching, as your business grows and reaches new capacity points, you’ll constantly be working ON your business ensuring it stays profitable.

Investing For Wealth

In your final stage, your business should be what we call a ‘well-oiled, systematic, profitable business machine’, allowing you to focus on investing your profits for wealth.

Our Experience

About GBC

Our Experience

18+ years experience successfully coaching hundreds of businesses

Specialising in profitable growth for SME businesses ranging from $200,000 to $50 Million+

We've worked with a wide range of businesses across multiple industries and sectors including Trades, B2B and B2C

About GBC

Our Tools and Processes

Proven Proprietary Business Methodology ‘10 Keys to a Profitable Business’ for Powerful, Profitable Results

Proprietary Business Software, Tools and Templates to help you grow your business faster and easier

Holistic Coaching, we coach your entire business (not just parts of it) and have a flexible, Tailored, Hands-On Approach

GBC Tools and Processes

How To Get Started With Coaching

If you havet a burning desire to grow and improve your business and profits, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


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